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Super Admin Days Vienna 2023

The second edition of Super Admin Days Vienna 2023 was held in the city of Vienna, Austria from May 24 to 27, 2023. System administrators from Serbia had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technological solutions of the companies GATEWATCHERWALLIXWHALEBONE i PRIMX.

The focus of this year's edition was information security, a topic that is extremely current, especially in the context of the increased number of attacks on infrastructure and critical systems.

On the first day of the meeting, Pawel Rybczyk from GATEWATCHER presented the NDR solution AionIQ. AionIQ is a detection and response (NDR) platform that reliably identifies malicious actions and suspicious behaviors based on the mapping of all assets present on AionIQ and provides an unparalleled level of detection and visibility of cyber threats, known or unknown: Ransomware, APT, exploits of zero-day vulnerabilities, etc. .

Arthur Swiacki and Muzart Sarsymbayev presented WALLIX solutions for privileged access management - Bastion, EndPoint Privilege Management - BestSafe, Identity Access Management - Trustelem as well as Multi-Factor Authentication - Authenticator. The news that can be said to have attracted enormous attention is that recently Kleverware became part of the Wallix Group. Kleverware is a leader in the field of identity and access management and it can be said that with this acquisition Wallix has completely rounded off the portfolio of products and services for infrastructure security.

Adam Wright and Adam Merka explained how WHALEBONE solves regulatory traffic filtering problems with its on-premise Immunity solution. Blocking problematic traffic is becoming increasingly important, mainly due to the increased number of attacks coming from malicious domains. Whalebone is proud of the fact that the European Commission in the DNS4EU project chose Whalebone to protect the 100 million inhabitants of the European Union.

Sebastien Fournil from PRIMX presented an innovative data encryption solution that, unlike others, enables data encryption through policies with very few resources consumed. ZONECENTRAL products for files and folders, ZED! For files in transit, CRIHOD for disks and laptops, ORIZON for cloud storage, ZEDMAIL for e-mail, ZONEPOINT for MS SharePoint libraries, ZEDFREE for .ZED files fully enable companies to implement adopted document classification policies, thus protecting sensitive data from loss, theft, disclosure and espionage.

Super Admin Days Vienna 2023 was supported by MONDIST, a value-added distributor for the CEE and DACH regions.

Special thanks to Nenad Nikolin and Ranko Radovanović, the organizers of Super Admin Days Vienna 2023, without whose efforts and commitment it would not be possible to organize such a gathering.

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