A few words about us


By the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, from 17th December 2020, 05 Number: 023-10614/2020, the Company "DATA CLOUD TECHNOLOGY" Ltd Kragujevac is founded, for the purpose of providing information services in free-market with principles of equality of economic entities on the market.

The government is the founder and sole member of the Company "DATA CLOUD TECHNOLOGY" Ltd. Kragujevac.

DATA CLOUD TECHNOLOGY Ltd. Kragujevac operates on the premises of the State Data Center in Kragujevac but for commercial users only.


Our mission is to provide premium service at an affordable price in the largest Data Center in Serbia.


Our vision is to listen to our existing and future users and to enable them to do their primary work by making sure that their data will always be secure and accessible.

Data Cloud Technology Ltd

Save Kovačevića 35b, Kragujevac, Serbia
+381 34 617 1883